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Conditions for Financial Matters in getting Legal Help

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Have you ever heard that legal help is free? Think again. Still there are factors that are needed to be considered in order to qualify for legal help. One of which is having financial stability. You can’t expect someone helping you out with your problems and getting nothing out of it. You have to at least be included on the list of financially acceptable level of status in order to qualify for getting legal help.

Getting Benefits

If you have Pension credit, or having Income Support to back you up, then you automatically qualify to getting legal aid. Another thing that will make you qualify is when you consider yourself as an asylum seeker who is seeking for asylum support otherwise you have to meet with conditions involving capital and income matters.Income GenerationIf you have a monthly income of more than $2,500, there is a thin possibility that you will get any kind of legal aid.

Gross monthly income refers to the national insurance and tax that is stripped off and excludes different security benefits. If you have a number of 4 children, the limit may go up by $200 for the fifth children and for every additional child. It is mandatory that you include the income of your partner unless you have any kind of disputes with him or her.Now, if you have a gross income of $2,500 or less every month, you adviser or solicitor will investigate what your disposable income is.

A disposable income is the sum of income that you have when deductions are already made for child support, tax and national insurance. Another consideration is when you have children or a partner that is not earning anything, then a portion of your income will be taken. Again, if you have a partner that is earning, this will be included in the computation unless you have a problem with him or her.

In order to qualify for legal aid, your disposable income every month should be less than $699. If you belong within this income limit, then you don’t have to pay any kind of fee for legal help.


Disposal capital which also refers to as your savings should not be more than $8,000. This kind of amount will not get you free legal help. Disposable capital would include the following:

• valuable or priceless items

• money that you have kept in the bank

• the overall value of your house, more so if you own it.

Your mortgage will also be dependent on this factor.

Still, you have to include any kind of capital from your partner if you are not experiencing any kind of difficulty or dispute against him or her. Some of the things that you have to pay when it comes to legal help are cases regarding family, any kind of negligence taken from medical fields and a personal case of injury.

If this happens, before embarking into contracts and conditions, your legal adviser will lay down the bill that you have to pay them. It is for you to decide if you will taken it into consideration or just drop the idea of getting legal help out of these matters. Further information will be given to you by the solicitor in order to make you decide on what is best.

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