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Attorney Support Services

This is a website dedicated to everything related to Legal Advice. It is far more than a Legal Advice website, it is also a community. This website allows you to interact with like-minded persons and share your passion about your own Legal Advice tips.

With over 20 years Judicial Experience in the industry, our company has helped people and business in almost every situation imaginable. For many of our clients, this is their first experience with the legal system. We take special care to explain the process and provide them with the information.

Legal Support Services for Attorneys

Providing Assistance to Legal Professionals From copying documents, to researching court findings for trial preparation, it can be very difficult for you and your team to handle all of the necessary work involved in your upcoming cases. Whether you have a large support staff or you are the only attorney in your firm, turn to our experienced team at 1st Choice Legal Services.

Legal Document Support & Management

Handling documents properly is essential every step of the way throughout a case. From discovery to trial, we have solutions to meet your needs. You can rely on our attorney services, as we understand the urgency in litigation support.


San Bernardino, Riverside, Fontana Court Runners
Evictions – 14 & 30 Day Notices to Quit,
Summary Process Summons and Complaints
Executions for Possession
Landlord Letters
Attorneys letters
Civil Law Suits
Small Claims Actions
Subpoenas – Serving All Subpoenas.
Trial Subpoenas
Deposition Subpoena
Subpoena Duces Tecum for Records
Federal Court Process – Serving All Federal Court Process
Superior Court Process – Serving All Superior Court Process

Dedicated to Providing Excellent Services

All servers are licensed, bonded, and experienced, with servers available 24/7. For our services, we offer same day, rush. and standard options, depending on your needs. We understand that a sudden need for legal support services can come up unexpectedly, which is why our staff is available around the clock to serve your needs. Our legal support service is known not only for our attention to detail, but for our commitment to putting out an excellent product each and every time. Whether you need us for one job or for consistent work, please reach out to us today to learn how we can help.