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Legal Help – Getting a Green Card

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You must be aware that if you want to become a US green card holder, you will have to spend a lot of your money and time. Foreign citizens who want be a US citizen should be prepared for this and if you want to make the process a lot smoother, you should seek the necessary legal help.

Because of the stringent policies in the US when it comes to acquiring green cards, many foreign citizens are illegally residing in many different states. According to some critics, the system being used by the US should be made simpler but since you’re the applicant for the green card, you should follow their rules.

Before the green card was colored green but at present, it is already white colored with green printings; the card is valid for 10 years and a foreign citizen can get it when their employer or relative petitions them.

By seeking the needed legal help, you will be able to go through with the various steps smoothly. Start looking for lawyers who are specializing in green card cases. Once you find a reputable lawyer, you can already follow the three steps.

Step #1

The USCIS (US Citizenship & Immigration Service) is the agency that issues green cards to foreign citizens. You will need to submit all the pertinent paperwork to this agency and their staff will review your papers. After that, the agency will determine if your papers will be approved or not.

Step #2

After the decision of the USCIS is given, the paperwork will be forwarded to NVC (National Visa Center). Your green card petition will need to wait until there is already an available visa number. Every year, limited visa numbers are released; so don’t expect for an immediate visa number.

Step #3

Once a visa number is given to your petition, it will be forwarded to the US embassy which is based in your home country.

As you can see, the three steps may sound simple and easy but it’s not as simple as you think. There’ll be lots of paperwork and the whole process is quite time consuming. You have to devote a lot of your time in preparing the necessary paperwork and not only that, you will also spend a lot of money.

If you want to prepare all the necessary paperwork without any problems, you should seek legal help. Find a reputable lawyer now who has past experiences in handling green card matters. Due to the extensive paperwork, you will need a guide all throughout the process. Private lawyers can cost a lot in the long run and you should be prepared for such expenses.

However, if you have a personal lawyer, you can be sure that all the paperwork is accurate and there’ll be less room for mistakes. That way, the papers will be immediately processed in the concerned agency. Having complete and accurate paperwork will make it easier for the concerned agencies to process the green card petition.

Hire a lawyer who knows a lot about green card petitions. You can ask referrals from friends and relatives or you can also do a quick search online for reputable and experienced lawyers in your area. This is one sure way of getting your green card petition approved in less time. Be prepared for everything.

Legal Help – Lawyers

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What do you think it feels like when the authorities serve you an arrest warrant because you’re being sued? Most individuals in this kind of situation often freak out and they don’t know what to do. You have to calm yourself if you’re in this situation and contact a personal lawyer at once. Lawyers can provide individuals with the needed legal services to overcome legal matters without any trouble or problems. If you’re already engulfed in a difficult and troublesome legal matter, let your attorney handle everything for you.

So where can you find the best attorney in town? Well, you could start searching the directory because the attorneys and lawyers and their specializations are listed there. Lawyers specialize in different issues such as consumer protection, child custody, registration, divorce, etc; you have to make sure that you hire the appropriate lawyer or attorney so that you can arrange and settle any legal matter immediately.

There are times when you have a close ‘law interaction’ and as a law-abiding citizen, you should follow everything that the law states. Some people get sacked or sued with no clear reason and if this is the case, you can hire a good lawyer to help you out. By simply surfing the internet, you can access the lawyer directories. There you can find a complete list of lawyers and their specializations. In no time at all, you will get the needed legal help from an authentic lawyer.

You have to ensure that you’re dealing with only a true lawyer. A true lawyer is equipped with the legal knowledge and theories in order to solve any legal dispute. The lawyer should advance your interests but in return, you have to pay for their services which can be rather expensive.

Simple situations like parking summons and registrations can be handled without legal help from lawyers. You can just rely on legal self help services to cut down your expenses. However, complicated situations require you to get the needed help from qualified, licensed, and experienced lawyers.

Suppose you’re in jeopardy and you want to handle the legal issues immediately. Without enough knowledge, you will find it hard to deal with all the legal matters. Check out the lawyer directories now especially if you’re in a dilemma. Try to look into the specialized directories so that you can easily find the appropriate lawyer for your case or problem. It’s quite easy to contact the lawyer once you find the right one. The contact information is already provided in the directory. Once you’ve contacted the lawyer, you can discuss about the legal issues you’re currently facing.

You can also ask your friends and relatives for referrals especially if they hired lawyer services in the past. Who knows, perhaps you can find the best lawyer in your area. Try not to rush your search so that you can compare different lawyers and their past performances. After doing some comparisons, you can make the right decision. Don’t forget to prepare a budget for the lawyer’s fees and other charges. Everything should be prepared so that the legal matters will be handled efficiently and smoothly.

Never hesitate to seek legal help from experienced and qualified lawyers. They are your ticket to a worry free life. Now, you can again sleep soundly at night because you have your trustworthy lawyer to handle all the legal issues.

Legal Help and Real Estate

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Have you ever encountered problems related to real estate? Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to avoid having a real estate problem, they just come and you’re uncertain about handling legal matters. You should be aware of the different laws and your rights as well as a property owner. You will need the proper legal help to deal with real estate matters.

For instance, you have problems like property contracts, mortgage or lease, and other real property concerns; in this case, you will be dealing with legal matters which an ordinary individual (like you) might find it difficult to understand. You have to look for the best and most reputable attorney in your area so that you can handle all the legal matters smoothly. Working with a good attorney will surely cost you so you should know how to maximize the time spent during your consultations and discussions.

Here are the things that you need to keep in mind if you have an appointment with your attorney:

1. Treat your appointment as a serious business meeting. Make sure that you wear the right kind of clothes which show self confidence and responsibility. You must provide all the needed information to your attorney so that you will be more comfortable dealing with each other. Make sure that the attorney speaks first before you do and try to bring important documents related to the case.

2. You must provide the attorney only with the true facts and information of the case. You have to be honest and make sure that you don’t hide anything from your attorney because this can cause future problems. That way, your attorney will also be more open and honest to you about your real estate problem. The attorney should be able to tell about your options and everything should be clear to you.

3. Once the attorney accepts your real estate problem, you should be aware about the costs it will involve. The attorney might give you a legal services or retainer agreement. You can also ask the attorney frankly about the fees involve so that there’ll be no surprises in the future. Both you and the attorney should be committed to the case to ensure success.

Those are the things that you have to do once you meet with your chosen attorney or lawyer. Remember that it’s just an initial consultation and the decision to take the case or not will depend on the attorney. At this first meeting, you should be able to establish trust and good relationship with the legal attorney so that he or she will take the case.

There are so many attorneys in the US and other countries. By checking the directory of US attorneys, you will find a reputable attorney which specializes in real estate who lives in your local area. It’s a good idea if your attorney lives in your locality because you can easily make an appointment.

So if you encounter any real estate problem, get a real estate lawyer or attorney. Don’t forget to check the background of the attorney and how much real estate cases he or she handled in the past. You’re going to pay real good money for the attorney’s services so he or she should be the best in your area and help you settle your real estate problems.

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